• Create any Template with formula or Risk Rank Matrix with Hierarchical Data like HAZOP, Combined HAZOP LOPA, SIL with Risk Graph, HAZID, ENVID, SIMOPS, FMEA, Alarm, PSSR, Safety Critical Elements and more​.
  • Automatically group Scenarios and transfer to SIL from HAZOP based on SIF Tag​.
  • Multiple Teams can work concurrently​.
  • Easily Hand-off between different teams working in different time zones on the same project​.
  • Work anytime anywhere without any cumbersome software installation​.
  • Own your data 100% (your IT team can configure the data anywhere they prefer) unlike other SaaS providers who only provide import / export (you do not own the data)​.
  • Customizable Workflow for Action closeout, MOC and more (additional price may apply) including allowing external stakeholders to review and approve actions​.
  • Using AI/ML to predict Risk Rank based on Cause and Consequence Keywords (additional price may apply)​.
  • Client administrators with necessary authority can audit who made what changes when for compliance purposes giving full audit history and thus peace of mind.
  • Integrate with Internal systems (import, export or api).
  • Integrate with modules like Bowtie, SIL Verification, Management of Change, Alarm Prioritization and more (additional price may apply).
  • Integrate with innovation like Voice Recognition, AI/ML to predict Risk Rank, Automatic Live Translation and others (additional price may apply).
  • For C-Level management visibility and enable making informed decisions, customize dashboards like Asset Risk Summary, Risk Heat Map, Action Closeout Status, Action Closeout Ageing, MOC Status and more.