01. Collaborate
All team members can share the cloud based software and data is stored centrally making collaboration easier between Multiple Plants/Sites, Projects, Users with different levels of security who can see what and update their comments with supporting documents. This is very useful for Action Tracking between EPCs, Owners, PMCs, Licensors, Vendors and others, to improve communication and reduce Project Delays / Costs.
02. Track
Using Haz360®, You can also trace all the changes made to individual text (who made what changes when) for audit purposes. Tracking of Action Closeout for all Recommendations (by different parties) also can see complete history of revisions of comments internally and externally.
03. Integrate
Haz360® lets you dynamically create any new worksheet Format (copy standard template and amend) intuitively without IT support. With Data in one place, you get instant report with all changes immediately updated avoiding multiple versions of reports – Single Source of Knowledge. With Unique Patent Pending design, clients own the Data completely. The Data is Secured and your IT management team can choose to configure (store) wherever you want (in your own server or in public cloud or private cloud). Moreover, we continually add new features and functions like Bow-tie, SIL Verification, AI/ML, Voice to Text (Product Road Map for 2023 release).
04. Analyze
Haz360® enables C-Level management can easily make informed decisions by reviewing Project Status or Risk Summary between different Assets (sites) for similar consequences. With configurable Dashboard – summary of all Risks and their mitigation Progress (How many open, how many closed etc by each responsible party and discipline), Asset Tracking is easy and efficient, increasing Productivity.
05. Register for Trial
Compared to other leading PHA software in the market, Haz360® is unique :
1. Cloud based with No-Code Flexible Data on the Fly as well as Patent Pending Application and Database separation.
2. Automatic Saving of Text and Full Traceability of each cell for Audit and Compliance (Who changed what when?).
3. Multiple teams can work on the same Project concurrently with full security to ensure standardization and single truth of the knowledge as well as easy handoff between teams. Action Closeout is an important innovation to ease EPCs project management. With more modules being continually released (in the future) like Bow-Tie, SIL Verification, AI/ML, Voice to Text, Haz360® is well integrated.
4. C-Level management can get a birds eye view of the Asset Risk Summary as well as Action Closeout Status for better and informed decision making.
06. Productivity
Haz360® enable the users to work efficiently collaboratively reducing duplicate errors (when working in Silos) as well as enabling 100s of partner/supplier users to update their related supporting documents and response directly reducing internal company to collate (like ESG reports or BRSR reports etc). Based on our estimation, Haz360® will provide about 380% ROI. Please do talk to us to learn more on this.
07. Flexible Worksheet
Haz360® is professional business user friendly. With flexible Patent Pending No-Code Hierarchical Data, professionals in any industry, can create Excel like worksheet formats with Risk Matrix, Risk Graph or Formula easily. We have ready templates (multiple use cases) for HAZOP, SIL/LOPA, HAZID, ENVID, SIMOPS, MHA, SCE, PS, ALARM, RAIL RISK, ESG, ISO, BRSR and others.
08. Mutilingual Support
In Haz360® users can customize the Labels themselves for Menu, Column Names (entry and print) and can input data in any language.
09. Price Performance
Would you use a flip flop old style phone or latest smart phone? Would you use 2G or latest 5G for your network? Same way Switch from desktop to cloud based Haz360®. It is so affordable and very high performance value for the price, you probably will be spending less than you spend for you Coffee/Tea per month.
10. Achieve Sustainability Goals faster
Haz360® will help your team perform better collaboratively, ensuring very happy high performing team achieve your sustainability goals faster.
11. Why SaaS is better than Inhouse of Outsourced Software development?
Haz360® team has put in considerable time and effort to develop the Patent Pending No-Code platform with a very Agile and Lean sustainable philosophy at the same time not compromising Quality. We are confident that Haz360® (less than Coffee Spend) is highly competitive, transparent and simple, compared to inhouse or outsourced software development costs usually with many hidden costs Decision Makers may not be aware. Talk to us for more information.
12. Partnership
Haz360® team believe in Partnership be it Client, Consultants or even Competitors to collaborate and serve the market opportunity. As a firm believers of Blue Ocean Strategy, we see there are many untapped opportunities globally. With limited resources, we need partnership to grow in many countries. If you are interested to partner with us please do register online to learn how we can grow our honeycombs together.