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Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) and Environmental Social Governance (ESG) software.


We have 35+
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Haz360® is not just another HAZOP software; it’s the brainchild of IRESC, a company with a legacy of over 500+ successful oil and gas risk management projects globally.


Number of projects, Haz360® has been approved to be used globally.

Clear value propositions

Easily switch from Excel or Silo Desktop systems


Easier Action Closeout,
Final Resolution, Reduce Project Delays


Enhanced Compliance and MOC,
Complete Traceability


Increased Productivity, Efficiency and
Higher Profitability


Improved Visibility of Data, 
Informed Decisions

Benefits of using Haz360® 

Value for Money (Pay as you grow)

Proven Expertise​

Trust in a platform built by Chemical Engineers (Process Safety Professionals) like you.

Advance Tracking​

Stay on top of your risk management with Haz360®‘s robust tracking capabilities.

Personalized Support​

Your dedicated Haz360® success partner will ensure you rapidly experience the benefits.

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The Product + Resources


The Product + Resources


About us

IRESC has a team of highly qualified, multi-disciplinary process safety and risk practitioners with global experience. We provide independent services for clients in the offshore and onshore oil & gas processing, LNG, refineries, chemical and petrochemical sectors. We have undertaken many process safety, environmental, risk and reliability studies during all phases of project lifecycle including concept/basic design (FEED), detailed engineering (EPC) and operational phase.

We find it quite useful and flexible – especially the scenarios, causes are transferred to SIL based on SIF Tag automatically. This is a big-time saver for our team. ​We are able to customize the templates to suit our client process needs and the software has the flexibility to upload existing documents easily and flawlessly. ​If you are using Excel or Silo desktop software, we highly recommend to switch to Haz360® to manage your HSE studies.​



“This was the first project for Haz360® with SIL Risk Graph. Moreover we had a very large number of SIFs to be handled and the performance had to be improved. ​​We also implemented ALARM Prioritization for this project. ​​One of the major improvement the Haz360® team did was to automatically copy all the Scenarios from HAZOP based on the SIFs tagged in HAZOP to SIL Classification. This greatly reduced our prefilling time and effort” ​