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Elevate your oil and gas risk management to unprecedented levels with Haz360, the specialized cloud-based SaaS platform crafted by IRESC’s industry experts. Our exclusive beta program, designed specifically for oil and gas safety professionals, grants you a two-month, cost-free trial, including personalized onboarding, expert data migration tailored to industry standards, and a dedicated success partner. Seize this unique opportunity to enhance your operational safety, compliance, and efficiency with a platform engineered for the complexities of the oil and gas sector.

Seamless Transition to Haz360®: Hassle-Free Migration Handled by Our Oil & Gas Experts

Benefits of Upgrading from Spreadsheets for Oil & Gas Professionals

Collaboration in Complex Environments

Facilitate real-time collaboration across diverse teams, even in remote and offshore locations, with Haz360’s cloud accessibility.

Strategic Insights for Safety Leaders

Utilize tailored dashboards to monitor operational risks and make informed decisions that align with industry best practices.

Automated Oil & Gas Risk Processes

Leverage industry-specific automated workflows and templates for HAZOP, SIL/LOPA, and more, reducing manual effort and enhancing accuracy.

Industry-Specific Data Management

Transition from spreadsheets to a centralized platform designed with oil and gas workflows in mind,ensuring data integrity and regulatory compliance.

Excel/Silo Comparison Table:

Anyone using excel to manage EHS risk registers can easily relate to the nightmares:

Benefits of Choosing Haz360® Over Competitors for Oil & Gas

Purpose-Built for the Sector

Haz360® is designed with the unique challenges of the oil and gas industry in mind, offering features that directly address sector-specific needs.

Streamlined Compliance Tracking

Keep up with stringent industry regulations through Haz360’s advanced tracking and notifications, ensuring no deadline or action item is overlooked.

Robust Integration with Oil & Gas Systems

Integrate seamlessly with other essential oil and gas systems for a comprehensive view of your risk landscape.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Safety

Adopt cutting-edge innovations like AI/ML for predictive risk analysis and voice recognition for hands-free operation in the field.

Competitor Comparison Table:

Haz360® offers a Cloud based Software as a Service platform, that provides:

Exclusive Beta Program Benefits:

 Zero-Cost Trial: Discover how Haz360® can revolutionize your oil and gas risk management without any financial commitment.

 Oil and Gas Expert Onboarding: Receive support from experts who understand the intricacies of oil and gas risk management.

 Dedicated Success Partner: Work with a success partner who specializes in oil and gas safety to maximize the platform and benefits for your operations.

 Special Continuation Offer: Enjoy a 50% discount on your first annual subscription post-beta, continuing your journey with the best tools in the industry.


Advance your oil and gas risk management with Haz360®. To confirm your spot in our April 15th Private Beta Program or for any inquiries, please respond to your LinkedIn invite ASAP!. Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your risk management processes – join the Haz360® revolution now.

Haz360® has been used in International client projects ​approved by EPCs/Owners​(from 2018 till 2023 125+ projects)​

Hear from oil and gas safety experts who have transformed their risk management practices with Haz360®.

We find it quite useful and flexible – especially the scenarios, causes are transferred to SIL based on SIF Tag automatically. This is a big-time saver for our team. If you are using Excel or Silo desktop software, we highly recommend to switch to Haz360® to manage your HSE studies.

Ravi Ramasamy

Director, Pragna Consultants

“This was the first project for Haz360® with SIL Risk Graph. One of the major improvement the Haz360®  team did was to automatically  copy all the Scenarios from HAZOP based on the SIFs tagged in HAZOP to SIL Classification. This greatly reduced our prefilling time and effort” ​

Rahul Sinha

Senior Consultant, IRESC


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